a year in review

It is the time of the year to look back at our publications.  Project-Aria continue to progress, publishing various thoughts on project management and leadership.

A few statistics:

  • 46 articles were published
  • it includes 4 guest posts
  • June was a bad month with zero publication
  • I started the year with 15 articles in the first quarter (January to March)
  • I ended the year with 15 articles in the last quarter (October to December)


I thought I published less in the last quarter, as a consequence of spending so much time on writing my book.  The book is on leadership in project management, and should be published in February 2015.  I am targeting February 1, 2015.  Join the mailing list to be informed of its publication.  It will be published on Kindle Select and I will use their promotion days.

The top 10

What were the most popular articles in 2014?  Here is the top 10:


 On the benefits of timesheets


 Art of doing presentation


Defining project success


Manage your career and resume actively


Changing the project manager during the project


An example of project management gone bad


People in project management


PMP study plan: the final blitz and the exam


Projects and operations in project-based organization


Project information management


The top guest post of 2014

Here is the list of the 4 guest posts.  I thank them all for their contribution, and agreeing to share their thoughts on Project-Aria.

Dave Gordon

Planning human resource Management

Cesar Abeid

Become the leader

Doug Houg

Microsoft Excel Tips for Project Managers

Ellen MacIsaac

Leadership Lessons from the Conductor’s Podium


Happy new year

Thank you for reading, and happy new year to all of you.