My book project


I have been working on my book since the beginning of last October. I started the writing part on October 4.  So much has been not since.


The book is on leadership for project manager.  It is a guide for project manager, to help them develop leadership skills, and achieve better results.  It is not a tactical book, but a professional and personal development approach to leadership.


I have been interested in the subject of leadership for many years, and also in project management.  I have been exposed to many leadership programs and documents as an executive in the past 8 years.  I firmly believe that leadership is essential in our current world, which has a fast pace of changes and innovations. The book is inspired by those two personal interests.


The first phase of the project has been to complete the first full draft.  My goal was to reach that milestone by November 30, 2014.  I did it, exactly on that date.  It felt good.  My book is about 40,000 words.  I plan to release it first on the Kindle platform.  It should be noted that you can read Kindle book even if you don’t have a Kindle.  Amazon does have a Kindle app for many devices, including the iPhone, the iPad, Mac desktop, and a few others.  They even offer a cloud reader.

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A good time to write

Lately, it has been a perfect time to revise and edit the book.  It is cold out here in Ottawa, Canada.  It is about -27 C here today. Better to do something inside!


I invite you to register to my mailing list.  I will keep you informed of the release date.  I will also have promotion days with a special price for the book.  You will also benefit from the information on our mailing list, focusing on project management and leadership.



Project Leadership — Lessons from 40 PPM Experts

In the meantime, I invite you to discover this book that was published in May 2014.  I was invited and participated in the project. It includes contributions from 40 top Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) professionals. Among others, it includes Cesar Abeid, Barry Hodge, Susanne Madsen, Margaret Meloni, Johanna Rothman, and Peter Taylor.


It is definitely worth reading.  Take a look!


Please also take the time to recognize David for all his hard work. Head on over to his Slideshare page and click “Like”.

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