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We accept guest posts. We love the idea of having many different voices on the site. I like a lot to write a post here, and on our newsletter. However, it is always an asset to have more than one source of information. The richness of the collection of articles is enhanced by the diversity of voices.

Our rules are simple:

  • The content must add value to our readers
  • The article must fit within one of the categories covered on Project-Aria: Project management, leadership, productivity, career and training, and mind and health.
  • You can link back to your site
  • You can include reference to your products or services

If you have an interesting product or service, we may also include it in our PM-Aria Store, which includes products and services that I consider excellent for project managers.

We reserve the right to review the post before publishing. However, in general, unless the post has some highly inappropriate contents, it will not be editing (aside for obvious grammatical errors).  I want you to have your own voice.

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