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Are you looking for powerful tools to develop your website?

My recommendation is Divi, a powerful theme with a flexible page builder.  Build the pages you want with their various sections, rows, and modules.

Even better, with the Developer’s package, you get Monarch (social media sharing and social media follow), and Bloom to manage subscription forms to your email list.

All that with a modern and responsive theme!

Note that the link is an affiliate link.  Thank you for your support.

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I build websites with WordPress.  And my favorite theme for website is Divi, developed by Elegant Themes.

Divi is a very powerful a flexible theme.  It has a page builder that let you build various pages, using a grid and modules approach.  It is modern and responsive.  It is flexible.

Elegant Themes also has two other very interesting product

  • Monarch : a plugin for social media sharing and social media follow
  • Bloom : email marketing subscription

I have tried many other plugin for social media sharing, and I just love Monarch.  It does what it should do very well.

Bloom is very powerful.  Usually, equivalent plugin would cost significant money.  Yet, with the developer package, Elegant Themes subscribers have access to all their themes on unlimited sites, and the plugins.

I strongly recommend Divi + Monarch + Bloom.

If you are looking for powerful tools to develop your website, this is my recommendation.

Elegant Themes – YouTube

Elegant Themes has many interested videos on YouTube that will help you maximize your use of their themes and plugins.

Note that the link is an affiliate link.  Thank you for your support.




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