Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers

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Discover my book, Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers.

In this book, I didn’t want to simplify leadership.  I wanted to assist project managers in developing leadership skills.

We live in a very dynamic world, with an ever-increasing pace of changing. It is no longer sufficient to manage projects with only applying the various tools and techniques.

The ultimate objective is to achieve better results.

The book is written to provide a comprehensive view of all the dimensions of leadership.  It is based on real experience and in depth research on the subject.

Your project needs your leadership. Get the book! It is available in paperback, and ebook format on various platforms.

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Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers

Achieve Better Results in a Dynamic World

Project management is about delivering value and results. Project managers are under an incredible amount of stress, trying to complete their projects successfully. And when they do, they are often rewarded with increased responsibility such as managing projects with higher complexity and strategic importance.

We live in a dynamic, innovative, fast-paced world with a high level of uncertainty. Demands from clients, stakeholders and executive suites are increasingly more complex and difficult to manage. This environment not only has an impact on the lives of project managers, but also on their ability to achieve results.

In that context, it is important to move beyond managing tasks to developing the strong leadership skills required to maximize results!

Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers is focused on one thing and one thing only: giving you those skills necessary to maximize your project’s results. Changing the emphasis from task-based work to leadership and vision will help you achieve better results and add more value to the projects you are managing.

Leadership Toolbox provides project managers with a holistic approach to developing their leadership skills. It provides a comprehensive view of key dimensions of leadership; such as self-awareness, self-development, values and ethics, strategic thinking, team management, decision-making and problem-solving.

Leadership Toolbox for Project Managers will help you achieve better results in a dynamic world.

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