Project Management Coaching Workbook

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This is the first book from Susanne Madsen, who is an internationally recognised project leadership coach, trainer and consultant.

She is one of the top person that I recommend project managers to follow.  She has an in-depth understand of project management, combined with real experience.  Moreover, she strongly value leadership skills.

Discover this book, and also her book The Power of Project Leadership.

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Project Management Coaching Workbook

Six Steps to Unleashing Your Potential

Starting with an insightful self-assessment, The Project Management Coaching Workbook: Six Steps to Unleashing Your Potential offers tools, questions, reviews, guiding practices, and exercises that will help you build your roadmap to project management and leadership success.

Based on her experience as a coach and mentor, Susanne Madsen offers a proven six-step method designed to help you understand and articulate what you want to achieve and then assist you in achieving those goals.

You will learn how to overcome the most common challenges project managers face so that you can avoid failure, get better results, and get recognized for those results. The book shows you how to get to the next level without the negative effects of stress and long hours.

The most common challenges, which the book will help you overcome, include:

* Effectively managing a demanding workload
* Leading and motivating a team
* Initiating and estimating a project
* Building effective relationships with senior stakeholders
* Learning to say ‘no’ to unreasonable demands
* Managing risks, issues, and changes to scope
* Delegating effectively

Strengthening these fundamental competencies will enable you to generate real results and excel as a project manager.

Whether used as a personal guide or in a workshop or group setting, The Project Management Coaching Workbook outlines a sound, proven plan to help you build confidence and achieve your project management goals.


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