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For top performance, it is critical to take care of your health. This includes both your mind and your body. With a busy schedule, running is an activity that is accessible to all.

You can be a very busy project manager, and still find a spot in your schedule for running. You can be on a business trip and still run.

Running is also a great way to release stress and calm the mind. You can even be inspired and solve problems during your runs.

This is an excellent book from Lisa Hamilton, from the Conscious Runner. It provides a comprehensive training program, designed to enhance and optimize your running experience and what you get out of it.

An excellent book!

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The Conscious Runner

How to Quiet Your Mind and Fully Experience Each Run

Have you ever set out on a run and been bombarded by one thought after another?

It is like everything wrong waited to surface until you run. “I can’t do this.” “This is too hard.” and “when will this end” are only a few of the thoughts that enter your mind. During times like these, you may even question why you run at all.

Don’t you wish this voice in your head would just shut up? Or at least stop running with you? If it had mostly positive things to say, maybe it would be okay. But its rhetoric is mostly negative and often harsh.

The Conscious Runner is the culmination of over 20 years of competitive running and life experience put together to help you become the best runner you can be and feel GOOD while doing it. Runs go by more quickly, discomfort becomes more tolerable, injury more avoidable and inexplicable sense of well-being pervades! True running and meditation.

Here’s what other’s are saying:

This is a great book for runners trying to be more present and in the here and now. As in any other activity in life, it is of great benefit to ourselves, our work, and those we encounter, to be fully engaged in each step, each moment, and be in the present moment. In other words to really show up for the activity, you have to strengthen that muscle of presence and mindfulness. Lisa provides you with the tools, as well as the insights and personal stories to get you to let go of the “tyranny of thought”, and emotions, that can mess up your run, and be more fully present. I really enjoyed the book, and will use it as a reference for years to come. ~Sicco Rood

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