Are you looking for a RSS feed management service? Feedblitz is my favorite service for that.  They offer real support from real people.

With Feedblitz you get:

  • RSS feed management for your site
  • A feedburner alternative that has been there for a while and offer support

You can choose the basic package with only RSS feed management.  You can also expand your package with:

  • Email marketing
  • Autoresponders

All sites that I build are supported by Feedblitz.


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RSS Feed management

If you are developing a website, it is important to be able to reach your audience.  A RSS feed is an important component of your website. It makes it easy for your readers to follow your site and read new posts on the site.

I personally use a recommend Feedblitz.  They have a very reliable service, and the price is really good.

They also provide you with options for mailing list and auto-responders if you would like to have everything from the same provider.

In the past, Feedburner was the default option.  Why choose Feedblitz then, compared to a service provided by Google?  Because Feedblitz is proactively managing the service they offer.  If you already are on Feedburner, Feedblitz provides all the tools, support, and real support from real people ready to help you.

The only all-in-one service combining email marketing, social media and RSS feed management.

Overview of their service

Feedblitz is a solution for RSS feed management and email marketing

  • RSS Feed management
  • Email subscriptions
  • email newsletter campaigns
  • Autoresponders
  • Social media automation



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